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Besides being a nutritious, low-fat breakfast choice, Special K cereal can also help dieters to maintain and even lose weight. Many have lost weight by taking the Special K Challenge. Special K cereal and other products such as Special K bars can also be part of a good weight maintenance plan. This article will provide you with facts on the benefits of eating Special K cereal.

Special K cereal flavours and nutrition

What's in Special K?

Special K flakes are made or rice and wheat. This Kellogs cereal is low in fat and calories, contains no cholesterol, and is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. One cup of the cereal contains 120 calories without milk and 160 with skim milk.

Special K cereals

Special K cereals come in a variety of delicious flavours. Besides the original flakes, cereals come in an assortment of varieties including Blueberry, Chocolate Delight, Cinnamon Pecan, Fruit and Yoghurt, Granola, and Mufti-Grain Oats and Honey. The cereal also comes in cereal bars in assorted flavours.

The Special K diet

The Special K diet consists of eating a bowl of special k cereal with half a cup of low fat milk for two meals a day for two weeks. Most people prefer to eat the Special K meals for breakfast and lunch, then have a regular dinner, but the cereal can be eaten any time, as long is it replaces two meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be eaten with the cereal. The third meal can be a regular meal. Any kind of low-calorie beverage is fine.. For variety, Special K protein meal bars and protein shakes can also be substituted as a meal for the bowl of cereal.

The Special K Challenge

The Special K Challenge plan

The Special K Challenge is to lose weight by following the Special K diet for two weeks. Also called the kick start diet, the idea is to kick start weight loss. The goal is to lose six pounds in two weeks. People following the two week Special K plan are supposed to drop a jeans size and many lose an average of three to five pounds in two weeks. According to studies, the two week diet does work for three out of four, who gave it a try and followed the rules. Those who lost weight reported a slimmer waist and hips.

Following the Special K diet

For best results, dieters must be sure to eat only the portions allowed. The Special K diet is only supposed to be followed for two weeks, not indefinitely.

Guidelines for following the two-week diet can be found at the Special K Challenge websites:

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